One of the most important aspects of buying or selling any property is the legal process.

Simply enter your details into the form across, and we will provide you with the contact information of our recommended, cost effective, property solicitors.

Buying or selling property can be some of the most exciting yet stressful times of your life. One of the absolute essentials in this process, is a top quality solicitor, who can ensure you get exactly what you are paying for, without any hidden surprises.

This service brings together a bank of the top industry solicitors in Scotland and when you submit your requirements the system carefully filters through the key criteria to find the best solicitor to suit your needs.

How it all works

  • We’ve created this website to give you the opportunity to find the best solicitor to suit your needs and your timescales, including the leading non-estate agency conveyancing firms in Scotland.
  • The aim is to make the process as hassle-free as possible by helping you find the top solicitors in the UK, solicitors who are specialists in the property field, who adopt the most thorough and client focused approach you ever will experience from someone in the legal sector.
  • All solicitors we refer are up to date with modern technology which means you can expect a prompt service, accessible via email, phone or text whilst still upholding strong traditional, client facing values. Speed is key to not losing out on opportunities and not losing control of the property transaction.
  • The solicitors we refer avoid legal jargon, providing an efficient process that ensures you achieve your goals without any delay.
  • Our solicitors strive to provide you, on completion day, with a good and marketable title to a property, that ensures you have bought your dream property, without any hidden nasty surprises.

Let us do the groundwork

Having worked with all our recommended firms for a number of years, we know that they are dependable, efficient and most important of all offer outstanding value for money.
Let us do the groundwork and find you a tried and tested solicitor you can trust.
It is through our working relationship with them they offer us preferential rates which we in turn pass on to you.

From our connection, you can instruct a top Scottish solicitor at preferential rates because we have connected you. Simply fill out the contact form above, and we will be in touch!